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Thursday, June 08, 2006

LRRM - Linda Louise Rice

Linda is Julie's paternal Grandmother. The two share an almost unexplainable bond and are mutually fond of each other. During Julie's childhood, Linda worked alongside her son and daughter-in-law to make Stoddard's Landing a success. As a result, she was able to spend a lot of time not only with them, but her Grandchildren as well. Julie resembles Linda significantly, and Linda can't help but see reflection of her younger self in Julie.

Linda was a riveter during World War II and Julie in particular has romanticized this part of her Grandmother's life. Linda has spent a lifetime working and helped her first husband, Julie's biological Grandfather who died young, start Stoddard's Landing. As a result, it appears that Linda's devotion to the business is her attempt to keep the memory of James, her first husband, alive and well.

Linda, now in her early 90s, continues to have a close relationship with all of her Grandchildren.

* Maybe way too closely modeled on Grandma Reid???

LRRM - Lilly Anne Lloyd

Julie Stoddard has been Lilly's best friend since age 5 when she saw Julie getting teased on the playground due to the fact that she couldn't run fast. Growing up, they spent countless hours at the Livery swimming in the River, planning and building forts, and waging war on friends and foes alike. They also spent countless hours in Lilly's bedroom listening to music and reading books - mysteries mostly. In later years, they began writing stories and poetry strictly for themselves and a few close friends. One day, they even wrote letters to their childhood crushes, sealed them, and simply tucked them away to be opened when they were old and gray. Both have vast collections of journals.

* Possibly use some stories of childhood memories of Sara Rang - sheep, socks, boys, and coasters. :D

As a child, Lilly's bobbed red hair, sky blue eyes, and freckles were in stark contrast to Julie's blonde hair and brown eyes. Where Julie was short, chubby, and unathletic, Lilly was muscular, tall, and latently athletic. In fact, as an early teenager, she always worried about being taller than the guys in their class and slouched in order appear shorter.

All throughout her school days, Lilly seemed to be an enigma to her classmates. On one hand, she was shy and reserved most of the time. However, if anyone crossed one of her friends, her temper, and eventual wrath, was notorious! More than once she served detention as a direct result of defending her friends. In addition to being feisty, she also had a reputation, like Julie, of being studious. In fact, one of the main things that drew Julie and Lilly together was a love - nothing less than a passion - for reading and writing. Both girls had dreams of becoming writers.

Unfortunately, as they grew older, Lilly and Julie grew apart. It would take the death of a friend to bring them together again.

At 28 - quickly approaching 29, Lilly still dreams about becoming a writer. After high school, she pursued a degree in business. Even though she never outgrew her dream of becoming a writer, she is a pragmatist at heart. She is a woman of varied talents and dreams. During her later high school years, she began to dream of creating several different businesses.

However, her college years taught her several things. While in college, she spent her summers living and working in Austin, Texas. At last, she had found a place where she could pursue anything her hear desired! Creativity just seemed to be in the air. Soon, however, circumstances beyond her control led her home.

After graduation, her first job leads to complete disillusionment with corporate America and business in general. She comes home to rebuild her life and reclaim her childhood dream of becoming a writer. In the process, she resurrects her friendship with Julie.

When all is said and done, it is Lilly that is most changed by the occurences of the summer before 5th grade - The Legend of Rifle River Mills - and changes most throughout the book. It is through her that Julie - and the reader - learns the true Legend - a story of love, loss, redemption, and eventual resurrection. Through Lilly and Julie, the reader learns of the inner turmoil caused by the Legend. It is Lilly who is the first to interest the children in the Legend.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

LRRM - Julia Elizabeth Stoddard (Julie)

Julie is the protagonist of the story, as well as narrator. The story begins with reflections of her childhood on her 30th birthday. Turning 30 makes her reflect on her Mom's life at that age, and subsequently, her own life during the summer she turned 10 - the story of how and why she became a writer.

At 30, she is single, employed as a high school English teacher, and is very close to her family (she still lives nearby). She spends her summers at her family's cottage writing.

As a child, she loves to read, build forts and have wars with her cousins, and spends as much time as possible in The River. It was her idea to build the fort HQ on Arenac Island. As such, her younger siblings James and Ashley think she is too bossy. She spends most of her time with her best friends Lilly and Kelly (Kelly happens to be her cousin as well).

Her parents Adriana and Andrew now own Stoddard's Landing, which is a campground and rental business along The River. As a result, Julie spends a lot of time with her Dad's parents, Grandma and Grandpa Rice, who insist on helping out with the business.

Julie as a child has long, sandy blonde hair and hazel eyes. She is very chubby and short as well, but is very confident in who she is. She has the reputation of being a book worm (from friends and family alike).

At the end of the story, the tragic death of a very close friend changes her profoundly (this occurred as a child and she reflects on it as an adult, at the very end of the story).

As a child and as an adult, she loves adventure, story telling, reading, and writing. Her family comes first.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Legacy of Rifle River Mills


- Julia (Julie is her nickname) Elizabeth Stoddard - Main Character - Age 10
- Lilly Anne Lloyd - Julie's Best Friend - Age 9

- Linda Louise Rice - Julie's Grandmother (Paternal)
- Elijah Owen Rice - Julie's Grandfather (Andrew's Step-Father)

- Andrew Paul Stoddard - Julie's Dad - Age 38
- Adriana Leigh Stoddard - Julie's Mom - Age 30 (Maiden Name Hoffman)

- Kelly Lynn Hoffman - Julie's First Cousin and Good Friend - Age 11
- Jessica Marie Hoffman - Julie's First Cousin (Kelly's little sister) - Age 9

- James Austin Stoddard - Julie's Little Brother - Age 2
- Ashley Rose Stoddard - Julie's Little Sister - Age 7

* May include an older brother for Julie, James, and Ashley.

- James Andrew Stoddard - Julie's Deceased Grandfather.
- Died very young.
- Started Stoddard's Landing.

- Wolf Payne - An old man who tells the children the old Native American Legends.
- May or may not be Native American.

- Bear Reid - Young classmate of the Hoffman and Stoddard children.
- May be related to Wolf Payne.
- May or may not be Native American.

- Angelica Lynn White - Julie, Lilly, and Kelly's teacher - also Bear's. - 4th grade?


- Stoddard's Landing - The Stoddard family's rental and camping business, set in Rifle River Mills.

- Rifle River Mills - VERY rural - essentially Omer - call the river The River.

- Mixture of sand, clay, mud, Ash, Pine, Maple, Birch, Poplar - give away location?

- Describe old highway bridge used to bolster riverbank - US Route 22.

- Pirate Island - Contains the fort of the Stoddard and Hoffman children; small island in the middle of The River.

* I may change the name to Arenac Island ("A Sandy Place" - essentially it will be a sand bar
in the middle of the river) - Not quite sure yet though, as it would certainly give away the county.

- The Plains - Mysterious woodlands along The River; at the heart of the mystery.

- Lake Glen - Headwaters of The River (may or may not use).

- HQ - Fort on PI built by Dad and Grandpa, with the help of the Stoddard and Hoffman girls.

- Shiloh - Nearby city where the children go to school; base on Standish; nearest city of any size.